Welcome to the web site of Prescot Parish Church - An ancient place of beauty, set apart for the worship of God and the coming together of his people. -     "To seek to discern God's will for all the work and worship of our Parish. We pledge ourselves to make our Church a place where people of every age and stage of faith can find acceptance, the discovery of God's presence and real help in their life's journey."    

How to make a Christingle
(Christingle is a custom which originated in the Moravian Church in 1747.)


C h r i s t i n g l e means Christ-Light ,
The Orange represents the World,
The four cocktail sticks portray the Four Seasons.
The Fruits and the Sweets illustrate God's love in providing the fruits of the earth,
The Red Ribbon depicts the Blood of Christ,
and the Lighted Candle symbolises Jesus Christ, the Light of the World.

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