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Sunday 23rd. December
6.30pm. Festival of Lessons and Carols with Our Lady's
Christmas Eve
3.00pm. Crib Service St. Mary's Church
11.30pm. Midnight Mass St. Mary's Church
Christmas Day No 8.00am. Holy Communion St. Mary's Church
10.00am. Eucharist St. Mary's Church (children & toys welcome)
10.00am. Eucharist -- St. Paul's Bryer Road.
Wednesday 26th. December ~ Feast of St. Stephen 10.00am. Holy Communion St. Mary's Church
Thursday 27th. December ~ Feast of St. John the Apostle 10.00am. Holy Communion – St. Mary's Church

Friday 28th. December ~ Feast of Holy Innocents

2.00pm. Holy Communion St. Mary's Church
Sunday 30th. December

8.00am, Service at St. Mary's Church
10.00pm. Eucharist – St. Mary's Church
3.00pm. Christingle Service -- St. Mary's Church

Tuesday 1st. January 2017 ~ Feast of the Naming of Jesus 12noon. Holy Communion -- St. Mary's Church

While Shepherds watched their flocks....
This is the opening line of the most famous Christmas Carols of all time. One of the most famous passages in the Bible is Psalm 23, 'The Lord is my Shepherd' The Shepherds the angel visited on that first Christmas morning, were in the same fields the author of Psalm 23 wrote his words.

Shepherds are very important to God, because he sees and cares for His flock......You and Me.

Christmas time should be a time of peace and joy, but all too often it can be otherwise. For those who have lost a loved one during the year, those who have separated from a partner or faced hardship or difficulty, Christmas can be a sad or even lonely time.

It's at times like these that we may need a shepherd to comfort and guide us, to reassure Us with words of encouragement and hope. Today, we are called Pastors, shepheds of God's flock. Each church that is represented above is overseen by a Pastor, a modern day shepherd, who has been commissioned by God to tender and care for you and your family.

So it doesn't matter which church you belong to, or if you belong to none, we are here for you, and we count it a privilege to care for your needs.
So let us help your Shepherds are;

Wishing you
A Wonderful Christmas.


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