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   To promote and support married life. : To encourage parents in their role to develop the faith of their children. To maintain a worldwide felloship of Christians united in prayer. : worship and service. : To promote conditions in stable family life and protection of children. : To help those family life has met with adversity.  

Prescot Church Mother's Union
first meeting was on 10th July 1929.
Mothers' Union Meetings 2nd & 4th Wednesday
of the Month in the
Parish Church Meeting Room 7.30 pm.

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The Mothers' Union Prayer
Loving Lord
We thank you for your love so freely given to us all.
We pray for families around the world.
Bless the work of the Mothers' Union
as we seek to share your love
through the encouragement, strengthening
and support of marriage and family life.
Empowered by your Spirit,
may we be united in prayer and worship,
and in love and service reach out as your hands across the world.
In Jesus' name.

Interested in meeting other Mothrs' Union members in Cyberspace?

You can now meet Mothers' Union members from all over the world by joining the
Facebook Mothers Union Group.

Mothers' Union Aug. Newsletter

Liverpools Mothers' Union Web Site

Mothers' Union New Web Site

From Prescot Church Magazine (Jun 2017)


Wednesday 14 Diane Cox – Women Pioneers in Liverpool
Wednesday 28 Between ourselves – quiz and raffle

Wednesday 28 June is our last meeting before we break for summer.

Marion and the Committee wish all members a happy holiday
and look forward to welcoming everyone back in September.

Diana Crompton, M.U. News Editor

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From Prescot Church Magazine (May 2017)


Wednesday 10 Barrie Davidson – The Mersey Gateway
Wednesday 24 Carmel Dersch – Trekking in the Himalayas


Saturday 6 3pm - Evensong at Liverpool Cathedral. Details to be confirmed. This service is open to all – not just MU members.
Wednesday 18 Mothers’ Union Deanery Service at St Helens Parish Church

As many of you will know our Mothers’ Union Chaplain Marion Simmons has resigned due to both her husband and herself having health problems.
This post needs to be filled and Bishop Paul states that he would consider a Lay Person if someone suitable was to apply.

Diana Crompton, M.U. News Editor

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From Prescot Church Magazine (April 2017)


April 12 Lent – Holy Week – No Meeting
26 Laura Fenney – The Duke of Edinburgh Award
Followed by a Bring & Buy Sale.
Diana Crompton, M.U. News Editor
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec,

From Prescot Church Magazine (March 2017)


March 8 Lent – Revd Jeff Engel
22 Lent – Revd Leatherbarrow – Street Pastors
3 World Day of Prayer
26 Mothering Sunday

Taken from Thoughts About

Gracious God, we thank you for adopting us into your family through the miracle of your Grace, and for calling us to be brothers and sisters to each other. Today, loving God, we pray for our mothers:
• Who cared for us when we were helpless
• Who comforted us when we were hurt
• Whose love and care, we often took for granted
Today we pray for:
• Those who are grieving the loss of their mother
• Those who never knew their biological mother, and now yearn for her
• Those who have experienced the wonder of an adopted mothers’ love
• The families separated by war or conflict
• Lord, give them special blessings
Keep us united with you and with each other, so that we can be and become all that we are meant to be. Amen

Diana Crompton, M.U. News Editor
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec,

From Prescot Church Magazine (Fabruary 2017)


February 8 Annual General Meeting followed by supper
25 No meeting

National Marriage week – 7-14 February

On Wednesday 11 January we had, as our guest speaker, Mr Norman Lea who entertained us with an evening of poetry. All the poems had been written by Norman and many covered different aspects of his life from his childhood to the present day. They were written with humour and much laughter ensured from members as each poem was read out reminding many of us what it was like to live in the ‘good old days’!!
Our only meeting in February is on Wednesday 8th when we will have our Annual General Meeting which will be followed by supper.

Diana Crompton, M.U. News Editor

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From Prescot Church Magazine (Oct 2016)

Wednesday 12 Rosemary Tyler – Elizabethan Prescot
Wednesday 26 Ken Pye – Prehistoric, Pagan and Medieval Merseyside – open meeting

Members from our wider church congregation are always welcome to attend our meetings if a topic interests them, 50p will be requested from each person towards refreshments etc.
The meeting on Wednesday 26 October is an Open Meeting and non-members are invited to join us on this occasion.
Information Day (previously called Unit Day) will take place at St Paul’s Church, Fazakerley. This meeting is primarily for Branch and Deputy Branch Leaders, Committee Members who hold a position and Deanery Representatives.

Diana Crompton (M.U. News Editor)

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec,

From Prescot Church Magazine (Sep 2016)

14 Service in Church – followed by supper
28 Julia Smith – Scam Awareness

Meetings recommence on Wednesday 14 September with a Eucharist Service in Church at 7.30pm. This will be followed by supper in the Parish Meeting Room.
Diana Crompton (M.U. News Editor)

23 Lent – No Meeting – Holy Week

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec,

Deanery 4 World Day of Prayer
6 Mothering Sunday
8 Open Council Meeting

The Mothers’ Union Open Council Meeting will be held in our Parish Meeting room on Tuesday 8 March at 7.30pm. Light refreshments will be served at 7pm prior to the meeting.

taken from 1500 Prayers for Public Worship by Susan Sayers

Lord God, we thank you for our earthly opportunities
for mothering and being mothered,
We also remember the mothering of you, our parent God.

Diana Crompton, M.U. News Editor

Make a Mother’s Day goes from strength to strength in establishing Mothering Sunday as Mothers’ Union’s flagship day.

Fiona Thomas, Communications Manager, is encouraged at the growth of ‘Make a Mother’s Day’.

In 2006 the then Chief Executive of Mothers’ Union, Reg Bailey, came to the Marketing Team (as we were then called) to seek ideas on how Mothers’ Union could become more visible in the Anglican Church. The brainchild of Vikki White, then Head of Marketing, was to ‘Make a Mother’s Day’, an initiative that would raise both funds and awareness for Mothers’ Union as churches celebrated Mothering Sunday across the UK and Ireland.
2007 saw the first Make A Mother’s Day launch – an ethical gift catalogue with cards for mum, grandmother, or anyone really, to receive a Mothering Sunday card knowing that the family had also given to a cause dear to their heart – Mothers’ Union. The gifts then, as now, covered a broad price-range from a £5 mosquito net to £100 to support a community trainer.
Having lost my mum to cancer, I was aware as I was drafting copy, that many people find Mothering Sunday extremely difficult. So the idea of an “in memory card” was born. Over the years this simple ministry has not only brought comfort to many hundreds of families, but has also raised additional funds for the charity.
That first year we were aiming to raise £30,000, so you can imagine our excitement when it raised over £50,000! It was so satisfying to see the way members had taken the initiative to their hearts and publicised the campaign so widely.
This year will mark the tenth time we – you the member – have raised valuable funds for Mothers’ Union by promoting our Make a Mother’s Day ethical giving. Not only do the gifts and cards raise vital funds for the work, but the provision of resources to churches for services and children’s ministry enable a wider understanding of the work of Mothers’ Union. To date thousands of lives have been transformed – so the message is that this is a mothering Sunday gift which truly makes a difference. Since its inception over £1million has been raised through this campaign – a staggering result. Yet even more staggering is the thousands of lives it has not only touched but outright changed for the better.
And yet we know that more can be done. There are people in churches who have not yet heard of Make a Mother’s Day. Mums who haven’t yet had one of the beautiful cards designed uniquely for Mothers’ Union. We need your help to make this, our 10th MAMD in our 140th year, one which really gives us cause to celebrate and enables our membership to put their faith into action wherever there are families in need. Whether it is £6 to help a person to take part in a Bible-study course, or £100 to help us establish a self-help group in the church. This year’s catalogue and resources are a great way to promote Mothers’ Union right at the parish level.
Help us reach our target of £185,000 this year – our 140th anniversary – by making a mother’s day.

Visit: for online ordering
or downloadable resources.
Not seen the catalogue yet? Or need more to encourage your
Church to get involved? Ring 020 7222 5533 to order more copies.

From Prescot Church Magazine (Feb 2016)


February 10 No Meeting – Ash Wednesday
24 Lent – Revd Marian Simmons

Deanery 7-14 National Marriage Week

Our only meeting in February is on Wednesday 24th when our Mothers’ Union Chaplain, Revd Marion Simmons, will be our guest speaker.

Diana Crompton, M.U. News Editor
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec,


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