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At St. Mary and St. Paul's we are committed to providing a happy, safe and stimulating environment where learning is championed, and which has the Christian faith at its heart. Children are valued as individuals and encouraged to achieve their best, respect themselves and others and become valuable members of our community.

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St Mary & St Paul's Letter Mag in Jun 2017

News from St Mary & St Paul's CE School

As we arrive in June, our assessment period is well underway – Key Stages 1 and 2 have completed their SATs, the phonics tests are complete and the other year groups have also completed their tests. Elsewhere, GCSEs and A Levels are being taken and students up and down the country are focused on reaching targets, percentages and levels.
Whilst these exams and tests are important - and can often take over in the minds of those administering and sitting them - we must remember that they are not the ‘be all and end all’.
Children and teenagers should be measured by so much more than exam/test results. I saw a great letter, sent by a teacher to his pupils just before the tests. Parts of it read: ‘The test does not assess all of what makes you special and unique. They do not measure your individual talents or artistic skills and the languages that you speak; your ability to play an instrument or care for a loved one. They don’t measure your ability to be a friend and to laugh to cheer someone up. The scores you get will tell you something but not everything as there is no test which shows all of the amazing and awesome things that make you – YOU!’
God has created each one of us and we are unique – he loves each one of us equally and we are so precious to him. We are instructed to use all our skills and talents to honour and praise him. We are to make God smile with what he has given us.
As we enter the summer term in school, we have the opportunity to show off some of these other skills. We will be holding the Poetry Showcase as part of the Prescot Festival, visiting Bridgewater Hall in Manchester to allow some of our pupils to play with the Halle Orchestra and enjoying sports days and our annual Arts Festival.
We really look forward to seeing our children enjoy these opportunities and develop the skills and abilities that they have been given.

Paul Brooksbank (Acting Headteacher)
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St Mary & St Paul's Mag Letter Apr 2017

News from St Mary & St Paul's CE School

Another term is over and it seemed really strange thinking about Easter over two weeks before the most important time in the Christian calendar.
To many Easter is all about chocolate, gifts, eggs, bunnies and more chocolate and yet, as a school, whilst these things are very important, it is vital that our focus remains on Jesus and the reason for his coming. His sacrifice should be the central point in all that we do, and consider, over this time of year.
As we didn’t want to celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday two weeks before the actual date, we will be holding our Easter service just after we return from the holidays and give it the thought and focus that it deserves.
As a school we have had a busy end of term as we have enjoyed ‘Healthy Lunch Week’, working with the Health for Schools team, where our Health Champions have been checking school dinners and packed lunches for those children who have listened to the advice they have been given and opted for a healthier dinner.
We have also had a ‘Waste Week’ with each class using some of the products that have been thrown out by re-using and re-cycling them to create a whole range of useful items. We have seen a bird bath made out of lollipop sticks, a planter from old Wellington Boots and a beautiful range of artistic creations made from the items that would ordinarily be thrown away.
It is an important message that our Eco team have brought us, as we need to look after our planet and the wonderful creation that God has given to us.
On behalf of the staff, governors and children at St Mary & St Paul’s, may we wish you all a Happy Easter.

Paul Brooksbank, Acting Headteacher

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