Welcome to the web site of Prescot Parish Church - An ancient place of beauty, set apart for the worship of God and the coming together of his people. -     "To seek to discern God's will for all the work and worship of our Parish. We pledge ourselves to make our Church a place where people of every age and stage of faith can find acceptance, the discovery of God's presence and real help in their life's journey."    

Welcome to Prescot Church!

This historic and beautiful building is a living centre of worship and we invite you to be part of the life here. Architecturally, it is a 'Grade 1 Listed' building, but we try hard to make our worship and work special, also.

Our 'Mission Statement' explains our priorities. It says:
'We pledge ourselves to make our church a place where people of every age and stage of faith can find acceptance, the discovery of God's presence and real help with their life's journey'

In our services we use colour, movement and music to emphasise our sense of God's majesty and to help everyone to feel Christ's presence. The main Sunday service is at 10.00am and we use Order 1 from Common Worship, together with the new Common Lectionary. We try to mix traditional hymns and the best of the modern ones. There is a large choir and an enthusiastic band of altar servers. The first readings and intercessions are always done by members of the congregation and there is a team of commissioned lay people who take turns to administer the chalice.

The Parish Church's ministry to the town is shared by St. Paul's, its daughter church serving the Bryer Road estate.

The parish is committed to 'every member' shared ministry and there are teams of lay people engaged in baptism preparation and in visiting the sick in hospital and at home.

In addition to the vicar there is an OLM priest, serving the parish. A retired priest also participates in our ministry.

We are committed to the ecumenical life and enjoy particularly close relations with Our Lady's Roman Catholic Church next door: we share many services and activities with them.

The town of Prescot forms part of the Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley and we attach great importance to participation in civic life. The borough and town mayors are present at many parish events during the year. We have co-operated closely with the borough in the current scheme for town centre regeneration, due for completion shortly.

The parish has had a close relationship with Prescot School since its foundation in the sixteenth century. The school is now a large and over-subscribed comprehensive. The vicar is Chair of the Foundation Governors and also serves on the main governing body.

Prescot takes great pride in its close links with King's College, Cambridge to whom the manor and the living were given as a founding endowment 555 years ago. The college is still 'lord of the manor' and still appoints the vicars. King's takes a great interest in our life and the Dean and the Chaplain are both regular visitors on special occasions. The college made a generous contribution to the costs of the latest volume of the historic parish registers (1727-65), published in 2003 by the Lancashire Parish Register Society.

Another recent publication has been a further volume of the churchwardens' accounts (1637-1663) from the Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, edited by The Revd T.M. Steel (our vicar until April 2003).

Prescot is a town which can no longer provide the same employment opportunities as in years gone by and Prescotians are now to be found living and working throughout England and right across the globe. We issue this warm invitation for you to make contact with us by a personal visit or via the World Wide Web.

2137 Vol.137 Prescot (St. Mary) Bapt, Marr, Bur 1531 to 1595, 298pp
2376 MR 76 Prescot (St Mary) Bapt 1580-1631/2 Marr 1575-1631/2 Bur 1573-1632
2414 MR114 Prescot (St Mary) Marr 1632-1666, Bapt & Bur 1632-1664
2156 Vol.156 Prescot Bapt, Marr, Bur 1727-1765, 352pp.


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