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John Ogle's Chair

John Ogle's Chair One of Prescot's greatest treasures is a carved chair, apparently given in 1610 to commemorate the rebuilding of the church in that year and inscribed 'Saint Maria Ye Blessed Virgin, Prescot Parishe, Com Lancs' ('Com' is short for 'Comitatus', the Latin for 'County'). On the chair back are the arms and motto of the Ogles and the date '1610', together with exquisitely carved scenes of the Annunciation to Mary and the appearance of the Risen Christ to his mother. The chair also bears monograms of the Virgin Mary, together with the names of Thomas Meade (the vicar at that time) and of John Ogle (one of the local gentry). Ogle is thought to have contributed largely to the rebuilding.

The chair was lost for many years before being discovered at an auction in Manchester in 1920. It was bought by a well-wisher and returned to Prescot. It stands beside the altar and is in regular use as the celebrant's chair.
The following measurements and details may be noted : Extreme height, 5ft. 1in. (154.94cm.); extreme width, 2ft.; (60.96cm) depth from back of chair to front of arms, 1ft. 8in (50.8cm).; height of seat from floor, 1ft. 7in. (48.26). At the top of the chair are carved the arms, crest, and motto of the Ogles, viz. -- A fesse between three crescents. Crest : An antelope's head erased. Motto : Veritas Vincit. Over these arms is carved the name JOHN OGLE, together with the date A.D. 1610. There are two panels immediately below ; one is The Annunciation ; the other is said to represent The Risen Christ's visit to His Mother. Lowr down on the crosspiece or rail in the back of the chair, appear the words SAINT MARIE YE BLESSED VIRGIN. On the front of the seat itself is carved PRESCOT COM LANCS. On the back of the chair -- ANO DOM THOMAS MEAD VICAR.

The panels on the back of the chair


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