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The Chancel

Effigy of John Ogle Esq.,One of the choir stall endsIn the chancel is a fine black oak ensemble comprising benches, now used by the choir, and 11 return stalls with misericords. Originally there were 13 stalls, the original ‘tip up'seats being destroyed during the Civil Wars of 1642. The wall panelling, alms box and benches were carved in 1636 by John Rigby of Wigan . The date of 1636 can be seen on the richly carved ‘poppy head' bench ends. Rigby may have re-used timber from gentry pews in the nave, removed by order of the bishop at this time. The vigorous ‘poppy head' bench ends are probably based on those at Sefton, ‘viewed' (together with some then at Huyton) by Rigby and the churchwardens before work commenced.

The chancel and chancel arch was largely rebuilt in 1818 as was the chancel roof. An effigy of John Ogle Esq,, of Whiston in early 17 th century civilian dress stands by the vestry door.

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