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Prescot Memorial Garden

If you have walked down the churchyard recently, you will have noticed the daffodils are starting to bloom and we are hoping for another stunning display such as we had last year.
You may also be wondering what is happening on the right-hand side of the churchyard (as you walk towards Manchester Road) in the area which was mostly grass. We are in the process of preparing the ground for a Memorial Garden which will be dedicated to all those who are buried there in unmarked graves.
As you will no doubt be aware, there are many graves in our churchyard for people who died and could not afford proper burials, including those from the Workhouse - known as Whiston Union. These unmarked graves have no headstones or markers as, we imagine, most of them were amongst the poorest in the community including paupers with no next of kin. The feeling within the Friends group is that wanted to create something in their memory and so the idea of the ‘Prescot Memorial Garden’ was born.
In a joint venture between the Friends group, the horticultural students from St Helens College, the Townscape Heritage Initiative, John Taylor, Vicar, members of the Community Payback Team and Knowsley Council, we are in the process of creating a fitting memorial with a wheelchair-friendly path through the garden.
All this has entailed many weeks of organisation and hard work. The students have submitted plans of the design and have recommended which plants will be most suitable for the area and we hope to have a memorial plaque. Obviously, all this costs money, and if anyone feels they would like to make a donation towards the plants/plaque, all contributions will be gratefully received.
We hope you agree this will enhance the churchyard further and bring some colour to the area throughout the summer months.

Viv Frodsham
Chair, Friends of Prescot Cemetery & Churchyard

Path to Memoril Garden

Path to Memoril garden

New path to Memoril Garden

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